Get Free Airtime Credit or Talktime Balance into Your Phone (working..!!)

Hello TrickofTreat members..I am sharing with all of you a great website where you can earn free airtime credit into your mobile phone..This is so easy no hard work required to earn airtime…


First here is the link of website for signup: Click Here

  1. By signup you get your first Pra 20 credit into your mCent account..Pra is money in mCent which is equal to your local currency either Dollar or Pound.
  2. The minimum Pra is 50 when you reached Pra 50 you can request a topup into your mobile..
  3. You can earn Pra by taking surveys and contest given you by mCent..
  4. Share your referral link on Facebook and tweeter and bring more friends…
  5. Also you can refer your friends and people into this website by your referral link hence when they join under your ref link you earn more Pra
  6. Bring more friends and people and earn the airtime credit and topup to your mobile..

Thank you…


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